Variation and Change in Gallo-Romance Grammar

Variation and Change in Gallo-Romance Grammar

Maiden, Martin; Wolfe, Sam

Oxford University Press






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1: Sam Wolfe and Martin Maiden: Introduction
Part I: Sentence structure
2: Sam Wolfe: Old Gallo-Romance, periodization, and the left periphery
3: Christine Meklenborg: Resumptive structures in a Gallo-Romance perspective
4: Adam Ledgeway: Variation in the Gallo-Romance left periphery: V2, complementizers, and the Gascon enunciative system
5: Franck Floricic: Dialectological evidence for a predicate focus analysis of Gascon que
6: Sandra Paoli and Xavier Bach: Postverbal negators in Gallo-Romance: The view from Old Occitan
7: Zack Bekowies and Mairi McLaughlin: The loss of clitic climbing in French: A Gallo-Romance perspective
Part II: The verb complex
8: Bridget Drinka: Motivating the North-South continuum: Evidence from the perfects of Gallo-Romance
9: Delia Bentley: Active-middle alignment and the aoristic drift: The North-South divide in the Romania on evidence from northern Gallo-Romance
10: Beatrice Rea: A comparative analysis of French auxiliation, with new evidence from Montreal
11: Ingmar Soehrman: Present inclusif and passe compose a valeur de present accompli in modern French and Occitan
12: Damien Mooney: Future temporal reference in French and Gascon: Aller / anar + infinitive periphrasis and structural transfer in the bilingual grammar
13: Mari C. Jones: Mainland and insular Norman: Pronoun sharing and pronoun sparing
Part III: Word structure
14: Clive Sneddon: On the origins of French and Occitan
15: Brigitte L. M. Bauer: Appositive compounds in dialectal and sociolinguistic varieties of French
16: Nigel Vincent: Complex versus compound prepositions: Evidence from Gallo-Romance
17: Louise Esher: Syncretism and metamorphomes in northern Occitan (Lemosin) varieties
18: Martin Maiden: The verbs 'rain' and 'snow' in Gallo-Romance, and other morphological mismatches in diachrony
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