Oxford Guide to the Malayo-Polynesian Languages of Southeast Asia

Oxford Guide to the Malayo-Polynesian Languages of Southeast Asia

Adelaar, Alexander; Schapper, Antoinette

Oxford University Press






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Detailed contents
Series preface
Abbreviations and conventions
The contributors
1: Alexander Adelaar and Antoinette Schapper: Introduction
Part I: Historical Linguistics
2: Alexander D. Smith: Proto-Malayo-Polynesian: Its place within the Austronesian language family, reconstruction, and daughters
3: Malcolm Ross and Simon J. Greenhill: Methods in Malayo-Polynesian comparative-historical linguistics
4: Robert Blust: Linguistic approaches to Austronesian culture history
5: Francois-Xavier Ricaut, Nicolas Brucato, and Murray P. Cox: Human genetic approaches to Malayo-Polynesian prehistory
6: Hsiao-chun Hung and Peter Bellwood: Archaeological correlations for the dispersal of the Malayo-Polynesian languages of Southeast Asia, western Micronesia and Madagascar
7: R. David Zorc, Jason W. Lobel, and William Hall: Historical linguistics of the Philippines
8: Alexander D. Smith: Historical linguistics of Borneo
9: Karl Anderbeck: Historical linguistics of the Malayic subgroup
10: Alexander Adelaar: Historical linguistics of the languages of Sumatra, Java, the Lesser Sunda Islands, and Moken Moklen
11: Marc Brunelle: Historical linguistics of the Chamic languages
12: David Mead: Sulawesi historical linguistics
13: Erik Zobel: Historical linguistics of the Central Malayo-Polynesian languages
14: David Kamholz: Historical linguistics of the South Halmahera-West New Guinea subgroup
Part II: Sociolinguistics and Language Contact
15: Michael C Ewing and Yukinori Kimoto: Vitality, maintenance, and documentation among the Malayo-Polynesian languages of Southeast Asia
16: David Gil: Multilingualism
17: Tom Hoogervorst: Language policy and the politics of language
18: Peter Slomanson: Malayo-Polynesian contact languages in Southeast Asia and the creole controversy
19: Francesca R Moro and Peter Slomanson: Heritage languages and the study of Malayo-Polynesian diasporas
20: Paul Sidwell: Language contact in Mainland Southeast Asia: Historical impacts on Malayo-Polynesian languages
21: Alexander Adelaar: Language contact in Africa
22: Antoinette Schapper: Papuan contact and its impact on Malayo-Polynesian languages
23: Tom Hoogervorst: Non-areal contact
Part III: Areal Overviews
24: Hsiu-chuan Liao and Lawrence A. Reid: Languages of the northern Philippines
25: Daniel Kaufman: Languages of central and southern Philippines
26: Daniel Kaufman: Sama-Bajaw languages
27: Paul Kroeger: Non-Malayic languages of Borneo
28: Bradley McDonnell and Christina L. Truong: Non-Malayic languages of Sumatra and the Barrier Islands
29: Bradley McDonnell, Jiang Wu, Timothy McKinnon, Alexander Adelaar: Malayic languages
30: Marc Brunelle and Joshua Jensen: Chamic languages
31: Jozina Vander Klok: Languages of Java
32: Asako Shiohara and I Wayan Arka: Balinese, Sasak, and Sumbawa
33: Rene van den Berg and David Mead: Languages of Sulawesi
34: Naonori Nagaya: Languages of Flores and its satellites
35: Antoinette Schapper and Erik Zobel: Languages of Timor and southern Maluku
36: Charles E. Grimes: Languages of Central Maluku
37: Emily Gasser, Laura Arnold, and David Kamholz: The languages of Halmahera and West New Guinea
38: Erik Zobel: Chamorro
39: Erik Zobel: Palauan
40: Penelope Howe: Malagasy
Part IV: Featural Overviews
41: Juliette Blevins: Segment inventories
42: Daniel Kaufman and Nikolaus P. Himmelmann: Suprasegmental phonology
43: Mark Donohue: Phonotactics and morphophonology
44: Mark Donohue and David Gil: Morphology
45: Veronika Mattes and Thomas Schwaiger: Reduplication
46: Mark Donohue: Word order
47: Paul Kroeger and Sonja Riesberg: Voice and transitivity
48: Antoinette Schapper and William McConvell: Adnominal possession
49: Gary Holton and Leah Pappas: Spatial orientation
50: Johan van der Auwera, Daniel Van Olmen, and Frens Vossen: Negation
51: Ljuba Veselinova, Leif Asplund, and Jozina Vander Klok: Phasal polarity
52: Alexander Adelaar and John Hajek: Personal pronouns
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