Functional Heads Across Time

Functional Heads Across Time

Syntactic Reanalysis and Change


Oxford University Press






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1: Barbara Egedi and Veronika Hegedus: The role of functional heads in syntactic change 2: Lieven Danckaert: Changing patterns of clausal complementation in Latin: A parametric approach to 'constructional' changes 3: Adina Dragomirescu and Virginia Hill: From split to remerged Fin in Romanian supine complements 4: Ana Maria Martins, Sandra Pereira, and Clara Pinto: The diachronic path of senao: From conditional subordination to exceptive coordination 5: Emanuela Sanfelici, Jacopo Garzonio, and Cecilia Poletto: On Italian relative complementizers and relative pronouns: Rethinking grammaticalization 6: Julia Bacskai-Atkari: Information structure, functional left peripheries, and the history of a Hungarian interrogative marker 7: Eric Haeberli and Tabea Ihsane: The recategorization of modals in English: Evidence from adverb placement 8: Ida Larsson and Ellen Brandner: Tense recursion, perfect doubling, and the grammaticalization of auxiliaries 9: Johannes Gisli Jonsson and Brynhildur Stefansdottir: P-incorporation in the history of Icelandic 10: Heimir F. Vidarsson: From Old to Modern Icelandic: Dative applicatives and NP/DP configurationality
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