Quantum Mechanics for Beginners

Quantum Mechanics for Beginners

With Applications to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing

Oxford University Press






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1: What is this book about? I Introductory Topics 2: Mathematical background 3: Particle dynamics 4: Wave theory II Fundamentals of quantum mechanics 5: Fundamentals of quantum mechanics 6: Birth of quantum mechanics - Planck, Einstein, Bohr 7: de Broglie waves: Are electrons waves or particles? 8: Quantum interference -- wave-particle duality 9: Simplest quantum devices: Polarizers and beam splitters 10: Quantum superposition and entanglement 11: No-cloning theorem 12: EPR and Bell theorem III Quantum communication 13: Quantum secure communication 14: Quantum communication with invisible photons IV Quantum computing 15: Quantum computing I 16: Quantum computing II V Schrodinger equation 17: Demise of Newtonian dynamics: Schrodinger equation