Statistical Field Theory

Statistical Field Theory

An Introduction to Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Physics

Oxford University Press






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I. Preliminary Notions 1: Introduction 2: One-dimensional Systems 3: Approximate Solutions II. Bidimensional Lattice Models 4: Duality of the Two-dimensional Ising Model 5: Combinatorial Solutions of the Ising Model 6: Transfer Matrix of the Two-dimensional Ising Model III. Quantum Field Theory and Conformal Invariance 7: Quantum Field Theory 8: Renormalization Group 9: Fermionic Formulation of the Ising Model 10: Conformal Field Theory 11: Minimal Conformal Models 12: Conformal Field Theory of Free Bosonic and Fermionic Fields 13: Conformal Field Theories with Extended Symmetries 14: The Arena of Conformal Models IV. Away From Criticality 15: In the Vicinity of the Critical Points 16: Integrable Quantum Field Theories 17: S-Matrix Theory 18: Exact S Matrices 19: Form Factors and Correlation Functions V. Finite Size Effects 20: Thermodynamical Bethe Ansatz 21: Boundary Field Theory VI Non-Integrable Aspects 22: Form Factor Perturbation Theory 23: Particle Spectrum by Semi-classical Methods 24: Interacting Fermions and Supersymmetric Models 25: Truncated Hilbert Space Approach