Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices

Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices

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I Fundamentals 1: And Off We Go! 2: Secrets of the Classical Electron 3: Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell 4: Damned Lies, and Statistics 5: Electrons in the Quantum World 6: Red or Blue pill: Befriending the Matrix 7: Perturbations to the Electron's Freedom II Bands, Doping, and Heterostructures 8: Electrons in a Crystal get their Bands, Gaps and Masses 9: Bloch theorem, Bandstructure, and Quantum Currents 10: Crystal Clear: Bandstructure of the Empty Lattice 11: Tight-Binding Bandstructure 12: k . p Bandstructure 13: 1, 2, 3 ...: Pseudopotentials and Exact Bandstructure 14: Doping and Heterostructures: The Effective Mass Method 15: Carrier Statistics and Energy Band Diagrams 16: Controlling Electron Traffic in the k-Space III Quantum Electronics with Semiconductors 17: Game of Modes: Quantized R, L, and C 18: Junction Magic: Schottky, pn and Bipolar Transistors 19: Zeroes and Ones: The Ballistic Transistor 20: Fermi's Golden Rule 21: No Turning Back: The Boltzmann Transport Equation 22: Taking the Heat: Phonons and Electron-Phonon Interactions 23: Scattering, Mobility, and Velocity Saturation 24: Through the Barrier: Tunneling & Avalanches 25: Running Circles: Quantum Magnetotransport IV Quantum Photonics with Semiconductors 26: Let there be Light: Maxwell Equations 27: Light-Matter Interaction 28: Heavenly Light: Solar Cells and Photodetectors 29: Reach for the stars: Lasers and LEDs 30: Every End is a New Beginning