Peers as Change Agents

Peers as Change Agents

A Guide to Implementing Peer-Mediated Interventions in Schools

Hawkins, Renee Oliver; Collins, Tai A.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: A New Conceptualization of Peer-Mediated Interventions
Tai A. Collins and Renee O. Hawkins

Chapter 2: Peers as Change Agents
Renee O. Hawkins, Mary Kate Gerrard, Christa Newman, and Hannah McIntire

Chapter 3: Peers as Culturally Relevant Change Agents
Tai A. Collins, Meagan Scott, Julia Villarreal, and Bryn Endres

Chapter 4: Peer-Mediated Academic Interventions
Shobana Musti-Rao and Michele M. Nobel

Chapter 5: Peer Tutoring
David A. Klingbeil, Stacy-Ann A. January, and Lanae R. Drachslin

Chapter 6: Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS)
Devin M. Kearns, Sarah R. Powell, Douglas Fuchs, and Lynn S. Fuchs

Chapter 7: Games-Based Cooperative Learning
Elizabeth McCallum, Jamie Yarbrough, and Ara J. Schmitt

Chapter 8: Peer-Mediated Writing Interventions
Christine K. Malecki and Samantha Coyle

Chapter 9: Peer-Mediated Behavioral Interventions
Keith C. Radley

Chapter 10: Peer Management Interventions
Kate Helbig and Evan Dart

Chapter 11: Peer-Mediated Social Skills Training
Jessica Simpson and Tim Lewis

Chapter 12: Peer Support Interventions in Inclusive Classrooms
Erik W. Carter

Chapter 13: Peer-Mediated Pivotal Response Training
Dacia McCoy, Chelsea Ritter, and J. Meredith Murphy

Chapter 14: Peer Modeling Interventions
Hunter King, Aaron J. Fischer, Heather L.J. Lewis, and Julio Payan

Chapter 15: Peer-Mediated Play Interventions
Laura Nabors

Chapter 16: Restorative and Conflict Resolution Interventions
Rhonda N. T. Nese, Sara McDaniel, Paul Meng, Lisette Spraggins, Vicki Babbs, and Erik J. Girvan

Chapter 17: Peer-Mediated Group Supports
Christopher H. Skinner, Tara Moore, and Jessica Eshbaugh

Chapter 18: School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Kent McIntosh and Angus Kittelman

Chapter 19: Classroom Management
Todd Haydon, Cara Dillon, Alana Kennedy, and Meagan Scott

Chapter 20: Technology-Based Classroom Management
S. Kathleen Krach and Lori R. Kern

Chapter 21: Interdependent Group Contingencies
Daniel M. Maggin, Christerallyn Brown, and Skip Kumm

Chapter 22: Independent and Dependent Group Contingencies
Tom Cariveau
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