Psychological Therapies for Adults with Autism

Psychological Therapies for Adults with Autism

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Chapter 1: Introduction Susan W. White Chapter 2: Experiences of Psychological Therapy as an Autistic Person David Mason, Eloise Stark, Francisco M. Musich, and Debbie Spain Chapter 3: Systemic Therapy Rudi Dallos and Becky Stancer Chapter 4: Easing the Transition to Adulthood Brianne Tomaszewski, Laura Grofer Klinger, Glenna Osborne, and Claire Brito Klein Chapter 5: University-Focused Interventions David Schena II, Grace Lee Simmons, Ashleigh Hillier, and Susan W. White Chapter 6: Employment-Focused Interventions Carol Schall, Staci Carr, Lauren Avellone, and Paul Wehman Chapter 7: Social Skills Interventions Cynthia I. D'Agostino and Francisco M. Musich Chapter 8: Positive Behavioral Support Darren Bowring and Sandy Toogood Chapter 9: Cognitive Behavior Therapy Xie Yin Chew, Ann Ozsivadjian, Matthew J. Hollocks, and Iliana Magiati Chapter 10: Mindfulness-Based Interventions Kelly B. Beck Chapter 11: Emotion Focused Therapies Anna Robinson and Caitlin Conner Chapter 12: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Lorna Taylor, Ermione Neophytou, and Kate Johnston Chapter 13: Schema Therapy Richard Vuijk, Hannie van Genderen, Hilde M. Geurts, and Arnoud Arntz Chapter 14: Compassion Focused Therapy James Acland and Debbie Spain Chapter 15: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy Naomi Fisher and Caroline van Diest Chapter 16: Group-Based Interventions Peter E. Langdon, Adam Robertson, and Thecla Fellas Chapter 17: Offender Focused Interventions David Murphy Chapter 18: Pharmacological Interventions Tomoya Hirota and Bryan H. King Chapter 19: Ensuring Accessible and Acceptable Service Delivery for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Debbie Spain, Susan W. White and Francisco M. Musich
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