Flexibility within Fidelity

Flexibility within Fidelity

Breathing Life into a Psychological Treatment Manual

Kendall, Philip C.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder: Being Flexible while Maintaining Fidelity
Rachel M. Butler, Emily B. O'Day, and Richard G. Heimberg

Chapter 2: Flexible Principles for the Treatment of Adult Worry
Amy R. Sewart and Michelle G. Craske

Chapter 3: PTSD Treatment with Adults: Making Modifications while Maintaining Fidelity
Colleen A. Sloan, Scott Litwack, and Denise M. Sloan

Chapter 4: Being Flexible while Maintaining Fidelity in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Depression
Daniel R. Strunk, Abby Adler Mandel, and Iony D. Ezawa

Chapter 5: Empirically Supported Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Core Elements and Adaptive Applications
Martin E. Franklin and Sarah G. Turk Karan

Chapter 6: Being Flexible While Maintaining Fidelity for Medical Patients: Patient-Centered and Team-Based Strategies
Mira Reichman, Victoria A. Grunberg, James D. Doorley, Jafar Bakshaie, Ethan G. Lester, Ryan A. Mace, and Ana-Maria Vranceanu

Chapter 7: Goodness of Fit: Flexing Manualized Treatment for Hoarding Disorder
Suzanne Otte, Christiana Bratiotis, and Gail Steketee

Chapter 8: Treatment of Chronic Pain: Importance of Flexibility and Fidelity
John D. Otis

Chapter 9: Flexible Applications of Family-based Therapy for Youth with Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
Haley M. Brickman and Mary A. Fristad

Chapter 10: How to Bend but Not Break an Empirically Supported Treatment for Anxiety in Youth
Lara S. Rifkin, Lindsay Myerberg, Elizabeth A. Gosch, Lesley A. Norris, Margaret E. Crane, and Philip C. Kendall

Chapter 11: The Coping Power Program for Children with Aggressive Behavior Problems
John E. Lochman, Nicole P. Powell, and Shannon Jones

Chapter 12: Delivering Treatment for Adolescent Panic Disorder with Flexibility and Fidelity
Donna B. Pincus, Laura Nelson Darling, and Ovsanna Leyfer

Chapter 13: Tourette and Trichotillomania: Adapting Treatment while Maintaining Fidelity
Jennifer R. Alexander, Jordan T. Stiede, and Douglas W. Woods
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