Structured Clinical Management (SCM) for Personality Disorder

Structured Clinical Management (SCM) for Personality Disorder

An Implementation Guide

Bateman, Anthony; Sampson, Mark; Mitchell, Stuart

Oxford University Press






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1: Anthony Bateman: SCM Theoretical foundations and overview
2: Rachael Lester and Mark Sampson: Assessment, diagnosis and formulation
3: Mark Sampson and Sharron Kayes: The Clinical Stance and Individual SCM Sessions
4: Rebecca Bevington, Ashleigh McGuinness and Mark Sampson: Crisis work and Safety Planning
5: Stuart Mitchell: Group SCM sessions
6: Mark Sampson, Chris Berry, Catriona Gray, Allyson Jerry: Models of SCM Implementation: UK
7: Peder Bjorling, Niki Sundstrom and Helga Aalders: Models of SCM Implementation: Europe
8: Stuart Mitchell and Julia Harrison: Team working, system and service interfaces in SCM
9: Rajesh Nair, Peder Bjorling, Muhammad Abdul-Rahman and Gordon Turkington: Prescribing in SCM: UK and Europe
10: Elaine Swift, Louise roper, Genevieve Quayle, Kathryn Strom and Jill Everett: SCM & Inpatient Care
11: Genevieve Quayle and Stuart Mitchell: Managing Transitions and Endings
12: John Chiocchi, Paula Slevin, Lisa Evans, Catriona Gray, Nicola Armstrong and Kerry Anderson: Working with Families and Carers
13: Jill Everett, Mark Oliver and Katie Cummings: Adapting Structured Clinical Management for People with Intellectual Disabilities
14: Simon Graham, Jon Robinson, Rachael Juma-Smith and Sharron Kayes: Adaptations of SCM: A SCM Case Management Service and Personality Disorder Link Worker Role
15: Stuart Mitchell and Kerry Anderson: Adapting SCM for Complex Trauma and Dissociation
16: Rob Watts, Amy Maher, Lisa Weaving and Donna Potts: Service user experiences of SCM
17: Sarah Hanmer, Donna Potts, Louise Macdonald, Rob Watts, Amy Maher, Isaac McCann, Darren Ellis, John Ludden, Karen Finch, Melanie Jones, Lisa Weaving and Kris Allam: Practitioners>' Experiences of SCM
18: Julia Harrison, Rob Watts, Genevieve Quayle, Sarah Hanmer, Darren Ellis, Rachael Line, Amy Maher and Louise Macdonald: SCM Supervision in the UK
19: Stuart Mitchell, Mark Sampson and Anthony Bateman: Reflections, Synthesis and Future Directions
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