Culture of Health in Practice

Culture of Health in Practice

Innovations in Research, Community Engagement, and Action

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Introduction SECTION I. Mainstreaming a Culture of Health 1 - Incorporating "Culture" Within a Culture of Health 2 - How Media Shapes the Public Discourse and Influences Health Chapter 2 Spotlight: Media Marketing to Minority Youth SECTION II. At Home, at School, at Work 3 - Pathways to Change in Rural America 4 - Linking Education and Health to Support the Whole Child 5 - Employers as Shapers of Health SECTION III. Challenging Inequity Through Systems Innovation 6 - Disrupting the Cycle of Incarceration Chapter 6 Spotlight: Fathers Mentoring Fathers 7 - The Opioid Epidemic: Busting Myths and Sharing Solutions Chapter 7 Spotlight: Rural Addiction: A Perfect Storm, a Nod to Grandma, Pills for Cash 8 - Achieving Health Equity for Immigrants and Their Children 9 - Climate Change, Environmental Stressors, and Resilience Chapter 9 Spotlight: A Just Recovery for Puerto Rico 10 - The Green Health Care Revolution 11 - Driving Innovation Through Medicaid Chapter 11 Spotlight: A Private Insurer Tackles Social Determinants Conclusion 181 Index
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