Measuring the Global Burden of Disease

Measuring the Global Burden of Disease

Philosophical Dimensions

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Part I: Background and Basics 1. Introduction: Philosophy and the Global Burden of Disease Study - N. Eyal, S. Hurst, C.J.L. Murray, S.A. Schroeder, D. Wikler 2. GBD: the basics - T. Vos 3. Ethical Dimensions of the Global Burden of Disease - C.J.L. Murray, S.A. Schroeder Part II: Measuring Health, Valuing Health 4. Can Health Be Measured? - D. Hausman 5. Health Can Be Measured: Weighing Disability in the Global Burden of Disease - J. Salomon 6. Does GBD 2010 Succeed in Measuring Health? - D. Hausman 7. Extended Preference and the Valuation of Health - M.D. Adler 8. Equivalent Income and the Well-Being Burden of Disease - E. Schokkaert 9. Years of Good Life Based on Consumption and Health: A Practical Wellbeing Metric for Economic Evaluation - R. Cookson, O. Cotton-Barratt, M. Adler, M. Asaria, T. Ord 10. Values, Politics, and Health-Measurement - E. Kingma Part III: Causation 11. Causal Attribution, Counterfactuals, and Disease Interventions - J. Woodward 12. Causal Contribution - N. Hall Part IV: Values and Measures of Health 13. To Discount or Not to Discount? - M. Fleurbaey, S. Zuber 14. Discounting for Uncertainty in Health - O. Cotton-Barratt 15. Age and Time in the Measurement of the Burden of Disease - G. Bognar Part V: Uses of GBD Data 16. Healthy Nails versus Long Lives: An Analysis of a Dutch Priority-Setting Proposal - A. Voorhoeve 17. The Uses of Burden of Disease Data for Priority Setting - T. Ottersen, O.F. Norheim 18. The Global Health Impact Index - N. Hassoun
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