Frances Oldham Kelsey, the FDA, and the Battle against Thalidomide

Frances Oldham Kelsey, the FDA, and the Battle against Thalidomide

Warsh, Cheryl Krasnick

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: Balgonie to Balgonie
Chapter 2: University in Canada
Chapter 3: Doctoral Studies at the University of Chicago
Chapter 4: Whales, Cod, Armadillos and Glass Ceilings: The Postdoctoral Years
Chapter 5: Wartime in Chicago
Chapter 6: Marriage, Motherhood, and Medical School
Chapter 7: Adventures in South Dakota
Chapter 8: The Early Washington Years
Chapter 9: The Thalidomide File
Chapter 10: The Battle of the Lady and the Dragon
Chapter 11: Thalidomide Babies
Chapter 12: The Good Mother of Science: Letters to Frances Kelsey
Chapter 13: The Canadian Connection
Chapter 14: The Living Myth, 1963-1966
Chapter 15: Negotiating Washington, 1966-1982
Chapter 16: Peaches, Oyster Breath, and Diet Cola: Public Demands for Product Approvals
Chapter 17: The Ticking Time Bomb: Diesthylstilbestrol
Chapter 18: Policing Informed Consent, 1960s-1990s
Chapter 19: Babies and Orphans: Drug Testing in Utero and in Children
Chapter 20: Lasting Memorials, Everyday Happenings
Selected Bibliography
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