Intimidation and Its Discontents

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A Non-Threatening Start The Clausewitz Cop-Out What's to Come Section 1: The Natural World Don't Tread on Them Warnings and Mimics Deimatic Deeds Truth-Telling? Hawks, Doves and Other Gamesters Shrimp Salad Vocal Threats Sex, Subterfuge, and Snoopers Section 2: Individuals and Society Crime and the Threat of Punishment Permanent Punishment Religion as Response to Threats Oh, Hell! Dealing With Death Gunning for Something (If Not Someone) National Populism and Vice Versa Section 3: International Affairs Conventional Deterrence Nuclear Deterrence 101 A Multitude of Myths What Has it Done for Us Lately? Close Calls Self-Undermining Threats The Incredible Dilemma of Extension and Escalation Irrational Reliance on Rationality Counterforce's Counter-Logic An Oxymoronic Morality How Much is Enough? Prisoner's Dilemmas and Fried Chickens Strategic Defense? How Do You Solve the Problem of Korea? Failure IS an Option A Prescription Appendix A: Death by Deterrence, by Gen. Lee Butler (An Excerpt) Appendix B: Deterrence Down on the Farm
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