Urban Evolutionary Biology

Urban Evolutionary Biology

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Marina Alberti: Foreword 1: Marta Szulkin, Jason Munshi-South and Anne Charmantier: Introduction 2: Marta Szulkin, Colin J. Garroway, Michela Corsini, Andrzej Z. Kotarba and Davide Dominoni: How to quantify urbanisation when testing for urban evolution 3: James S. Santangelo, Lindsay S. Miles, Sophie T. Breitbart, David Murray-Stoker, L. Ruth Rivkin, Marc T. J. Johnson and Rob W. Ness: Urban environments as a framework to study parallel evolution 4: Jason Munshi-South and Jonathan L. Richardson: Landscape genetic approaches to understanding movement and gene flow in cities 5: Charles Perrier, Aude Caizergues and Anne Charmantier: Adaptation genomics in urban environments 6: Sarah E. Diamond and Ryan A. Martin: Evolutionary consequences of the urban heat island 7: Rebecca E. Irwin, Elsa Youngsteadt, Paige S. Warren and Judith L. Bronstein: The evolutionary ecology of mutualisms in urban landscapes 8: P.O. Cheptou and S. Lambrecht: Sidewalk plants as a model for studying adaptation to urban environments 9: Amanda J. Gorton, Liana T. Burghardt and Peter Tiffin: Adaptive evolution of plant life history in urban environments 10: R. Brian Langerhans and Elizabeth M.A. Kern: Urbanization and evolution in aquatic environments 11: Kristien I. Brans, Lynn Govaert and Luc De Meester: Evolutionary dynamics of metacommunities in urbanized landscapes 12: Kristin M. Winchell, Andrew C. Battles, Talia Y. Moore: Terrestrial locomotor evolution in urban environments 13: Caroline Isaksson and Frances Bonier: Urban evolutionary physiology 14: Tuul Sepp, Kevin J. McGraw and Mathieu Giraudeau: Urban sexual selection 15: Daniel Sol, Oriol Lapiedra, and Simon Ducatez: Cognition and adaptation to urban environments 16: Emmanuel Milot and Stephen C. Stearns: Selection on humans in cities
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