Therapy Thieves

Therapy Thieves

How to Save Mental Health Care from Its Providers

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction 1. Kismetic Psychotherapy 2. The Long Conversation About Counseling and Psychotherapy 3. 21,758: The Scariest Number in the Psychotherapy World 4. Observations About Multiple Therapeutic Approaches 5. Interpretation of Multiple Therapeutic Approaches 6. What Is Psychotherapy? 7. Counseling and Psychotherapy Reform: What We Can Do Together by Francis A. Martin and Janet Turner 8. Counseling and Psychotherapy Reform: What Each Counselor and Psychotherapist Can Do 9. Guiding Principles of Mental Health Care Reform Appendix A: Therapeutic Approaches to Counseling and Psychotherapy Identified in This Book Appendix B: Titles of Licenses for Mental Health Care Providers References Index
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