Wealth of a Nation

Wealth of a Nation

A History of Trade Politics in America

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List of Figures Preface Acknowledgments Introduction: The Battle in Seattle and Adam Smith PART ONE: FROM HAMILTON TO SMOOT- HAWLEY: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE US PROTECTIONIST SYSTEM 1 "A Genuine American System" 2 Crisis, Compromise, and Free Trade in the Jacksonian Democracy 3 Civil War and Robber Barons 4 The Gilded Age of Protectionism 5 Trade Reform in the Progressive Era 6 The Roaring Twenties and the Path to Smoot- Hawley PART TWO: THE TRANSFORMATION: THE CREATION OF THE LIBERAL ECONOMIC ORDER 7 FDR and Cordell Hull 8 The Brain Trust 9 The Dawn of the Multilateral Trading System 10 The Anglo- American Special Relationship 11 The Postwar Atlantic Alliance 12 The Birth of GATT 13 The Havana Charter PART THREE: THE SURVIVAL OF THE SYSTEM 14 A New Economic Order? 15 Labor's Love Is Lost 16 Advancing Worker Rights beyond the WTO Conclusion: Donald Trump, the Forgotten Man, and the Liberal Economic Order Notes Bibliography About the Author Index