One From the Many

One From the Many

The Global Economy Since 1850

Meissner, Christopher M.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Very Long Run: 10,000 BCE - 1820 CE
Chapter 3 The Great Specialization: 1820 -1914
Chapter 4 International Investment, 1820 -1914
Chapter 5 Inter-dependence and Instability in the Classical Gold Standard Era
Chapter 6 The Great Migrations
Chapter 7 The Beginning of the End: Backlash to the First Wave of Globalization
Chapter 8 World War I and its Legacy (Prologue to the Great Depression): 1914-1928
Chapter 9 The Great Depression: An Unprecedented International Economic Crisis
Chapter 10 Rebuilding the World Economy (yet, again)
Chapter 11 The Global Economy in the Post-War Era
Chapter 12 The Bretton Woods System - A New Regime
Chapter 13 International Financial Flows and Financial Crises after the End of the Bretton Woods System
Chapter 14 The International Economy since 2000: Hyperglobalization and Beyond
Chapter 15 Prospects for the Global Economy in the 21st Century
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