Reinvention of Development Banking in the European Union

Reinvention of Development Banking in the European Union

Industrial Policy in the Single Market and the Emergence of a Field

Thiemann, Matthias; Mertens, Daniel; Volberding, Peter

Oxford University Press






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1: Daniel Mertens, Matthias Thiemann, and Peter Volberding: Introduction: The Making of a European Field of Development Banking
Section I: Development Banking and European Governance
2: Eulalia Rubio and Matthias Thiemann: United in Diversity? Interests, Preferences, and Patterns of Engagement of Public Development Banks in the Implementation of the EU Budget
3: Peter Volberding: State Aid and National Development Banks in the EU
4: Stephany Griffith-Jones and Natalya Naqvi: Leveraging Policy Steer? Industrial Policy, Risk-sharing, and the European Investment Bank
Section II: The Many Faces of Development Banking in the EU
5: Daniel Mertens: A German Model? KfW, Field Dynamics and the Europeanization of 'Promotional' Banking
6: Fabio Bulfone and Donato Di Carlo: Privatization, Crisis, and the Transformation of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
7: Matthias Thiemann and Peter Volberding: The Rise of Bpifrance: The Rebirth of a Dirigiste State?
8: Judith Clifton, Daniel Diaz Fuentes, Clara Garcia, and Ana Lara Gomez: Is a European "Hidden Investment State" Emerging in Spain? The Role of Instituto de Credito Oficial
9: Dora Piroska and Katalin Mero: Managing the Contradictions of Development Finance in the EU's Eastern Periphery: Development Banks in Hungary and Poland
10: Olga Mikheeva and Egert Juuse: Development Finance in the Baltic States and the process of Europeanisation
11: Jens Bastian: The Rise, Fall, and Return of Promotional Banking in Greece
12: Daniel Mertens, Matthias Thiemann, and Peter Volberding: Conclusion: Development Banking and the Future of European Capitalism
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