Who Matters at the World Bank?

Who Matters at the World Bank?

Bureaucrats, Policy Change, and Public Sector Governance

Oxford University Press






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1: The World Bank as an Organization: Peering Inside the Black Box 2: The World Bank as an Organization: Public Administration in International Organization Studies 3: Minimize the State, Free the Market (January 1980 - October 1989) 4: Reforming the Bank's Structure: Lending Incentives and "Bureaucratic Genocide" 5: Cold War Ends, Privatization Matters, and "Good Governance" Arrives (November 1989 - September 1996) 6: The "C" Word Decloaked and the State Matters (October 1996 - December 1999) 7: Two Decades Late: A Public Sector (and Governance) Strategy (January 2000 - December 2003) 8: Becoming the Bank's DNA: Governance and Anti-Corruption (January 2004 - June 2012) 9: Internal Evaluators and External Protestors: Broken, Distorted, or Ineffective? 10: PSM/PSG Sector Emergence, Policy Change, and Who Matters at the World Bank Appendix: How the World Bank Operates Postscript References Index
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