Poets of Tin Pan Alley

Poets of Tin Pan Alley


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Preface 1. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Love: Alley Standards 2. After the Ball: Early Alley 3. Ragged Meter Man: Irving Berlin 4. Ragged and Funny: Lyricists of the 1920s 5. Funny Valentine: Lorenz Hart 6. 'S Wonderful: Ira Gershwin 7. The Tinpantithesis of Poetry: Cole Porter 8. Conventional Dithers: Oscar Hammerstein 9. Paper Moons: Howard Dietz and Yip Harburg 10. Fine Romances: Dorothy Fields and Leo Robin 11. Hip, Hooray, and Ballyhoo: Hollywood Lyricists 12. Swingy Harlem Tunes: Jazz Lyricists 13. Midnight Sun: Johnny Mercer 14. Call Me Irresponsible: Sammy Cahn 15. The Great American Songbook Notes Acknowledgments Index