Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Volume 4: 1790-1880


Oxford University Press






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List of Illustrations List of Contributors Norman Vance and Jennifer Wallace: Introduction Context and Genres 1: Norman Vance: Classical Authors 1790-1880 2: John Talbot: Classical Translation 3: Christopher Stray: Education and Reading 4: Edmund Richardson: Political Writing and Class 5: Phiroze Vasunia: Barbarism and Civilization: Political Writing, History, and Empire 6: Paul Giles: American Literature and Classical Consciousness 7: Norman Vance: Myth and Religion 8: Jonah Siegel: Art, Aesthetics, and Archaeological Poetics 9: Jennifer Wallace: 'Greek under the Trees': Classical Reception and Gender 10: Norman Vance: The Novel 11: Fiona Macintosh: Shakespearean Sophocles: (Re)-discovering and Performing Greek Tragedy in the Nineteenth Century Authors 12: James Castell: William Wordsworth 13: J. C. C. Mays: Coleridge 14: Adam Roberts: Walter Savage Landor and the Classics 15: Timothy Webb: The Unexpected Latinist: Byron and the Roman Muse 16: Jennifer Wallace: The Younger Romantics: Shelley and Keats 17: Isobel Hurst: Elizabeth Barrett Browning 18: Nicholas Shrimpton: Matthew Arnold 19: Isobel Hurst: Arthur Hugh Clough 20: Yopie Prins: Robert Browning 21: A. A. Markley: Tennyson 22: Stephen Harrison: William Morris 23: Shanyn Fiske: George Eliot 24: Ralph Pite: Thomas Hardy 25: Charlotte Ribeyrol: Swinburne 26: Stefano Evangelista: Towards the Fin de Siecle: Walter Pater and John Addington Symonds Bibliography