Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Volume 3 (1660-1790)


Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors 1: David Hopkins and Charles Martindale: Introduction 2: Penelope Wilson: The Place of Classics in Education and Publishing 3: Charles Martindale: Milton s Classicism 4: Tom Mason: Dryden s Classicism 5: Paul Davis: Latin Epic 6: David Hopkins: Homer 7: David Hopkins: Ovid 8: Dan Hooley: Satire and Epigram 9: Robin Sowerby: Horatianiasm 10: Juan Christian Pellicer: Georgic and Pastoral 11: Fred Parker: Burlesque and Mock Epic 12: Philip Smallwood: Literary Criticism 13: Martin Priestman: Didactic and Scientific Poetry 14: Bruce Redford: The epistolary Tradition 15: Malcolm Kelsall: The Classics and Eighteenth-Century Theatre 16: Jayne Lewis: The Fabular Tradition 17: Penelope Wilson: Women Writers and the Classics 18: David Fairer: Lyric and Elegy 19: Henry Power: The Classics in the English Novel 20: Philip Hicks: The Ancient Historians in England 21: Adam Potkay: Discursive and Philosophical Prose 22: Freya Johnston: Samuel Johnson's Classicism BibliographyVictoria Moul: Index