Oxford Handbook of Palmyra

Oxford Handbook of Palmyra

Raja, Rubina

Oxford University Press Inc






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1. Palmyra-Tadmor in the Syrian Desert: An Introduction to the Handbook of Palmyra
Rubina Raja

Part One Setting and Landscape

2. Climate and Environment of Palmyra and the Syrian Desert
Eivind Heldaas Seland
3. The Palmyrene: Hinterland and Sedentarization
Jorgen Christian Meyer

Part Two Tadmor-Palmyra in a Longue Duree Perspective

4. Glimpses of Tadmur before Alexander: The Pre-Hellenistic Evidence
John Healey
5. Hellenistic Palmyra: A Fata Morgana?
Andreas Schmidt-Colinet
6. Palmyra: The Development of an Ancient City
Michal Gawlikowski
7. Palmyrene Identity and Community: Continuity and Change
Andrew Smith II
8. Palmyra and its "Dark Ages" (273--750): An Archaeological and Historical Reassessment
Emanuele E. Intagliata
9. Palmyra in Late Antique and Medieval Times
Slawomir Kowalski
10. Palmyra and the Third-Century Crisis
Udo Hartmann
11. Queen Zenobia: The Rise and Fall of Her Palmyra
Nathanael Andrade
12. Palmyra and the Military: From the Roman Period to the Islamic Conquest
Emanuele E. Intagliata

Part Three Palmyra and Language
13. A Bilingual World? Language and Epigraphy in Palmyra
Jean-Baptiste Yon
14. The Palmyrene Tax Tariff
John Healey
15. Aramaic Legal Language from Palmyrene Monumental Inscriptions
Eleonora Cussini

Part Four Palmyra and its Contacts
16. The Palmyrene Diaspora
Katia Schoerle
17. Palmyrene Trading Networks
Eivind Heldaas Seland
18. Palmyrenes in Rome
Eugenia Schneider
19. Palmyra and the Parthians
Peter Edwell
20. Palmyra and Dura-Europos: Contact, Impact, and Differences
Lucinda Dirven

Part Five Palmyra and its Monuments
21. Urban Layout and Public Space: The Monuments of Palmyra in the Roman and Late Antique Periods Emanuele E. Intagliata
22. Domestic Architecture in Palmyra
Gioia Zenoni
23. Religious Architecture: The Temples and Sanctuaries
Robyn Le Blanc
24. Built for Eternity: The Funerary Monuments of Palmyra
Agnes Henning
25. The Fortifications and Military Architecture in Palmyra
Karol Juchniewicz

Part Six Palmyra and its Art
26. Public Sculptures from Palmyra
Dagmara Wielgosz-Rondolino
27. The Palmyrene Funerary Sculpture
Rubina Raja
28. Palmyrene Women: Breaking the Glass Ceiling or Window Dressing?
Maura Heyn
29. Representations of Men in Palmyra
Maura Heyn
30. Religious Life and Priestly Representations in Palmyra
Rubina Raja
31. Children in Palmyra
Olympia Bobou
32. The Production Economy of Funerary Portraiture
Julia Steding
33. The Banqueting Tesserae from Palmyra: Tokens for Religious Events
Rubina Raja
34. Palmyrene Coinage
Nathalia Kristensen
35. Wall Paintings and Stucco Work in Palmyrene Funerary Hypogea
Helene Eristov, Claude Vibert-Guigue, Nicole Blanc
36. A Note on Quarries and Textiles in Palmyra
Andreas Schmidt-Colinet
37. Postludium: Palmyra and the Civil War
Annie Sartre-Fauriat
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