Land and Trade in Early Islam

Land and Trade in Early Islam

The Economy of the Islamic Middle East 750-1050 CE

Kennedy, Hugh; Bessard, Fanny

Oxford University Press






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Part I: Economic Exceptionalism in Early Islam: Myth or Realityn
1: Peter Sarris: The Late Antique and Byzantine Context to early Islamic Mercantile Activity
2: Michael Decker: An Islamic Agricultural Revolution
Part II: Politics of Investment
3: Hugh Kennedy: Introduction
A. Caliphal Initiatives
4: Harry Munt: Caliphs, the Economy, and Political Separatism in the Hijaz
5: Peter Webb: Power and Money on the Hajj
6: Louise Rayne: Early Islamic Water Management in Northern Mesopotamia
7: Noemie Lucas: Landholding, Investment, and Irrigation in Lower Iraq
8: Mehrnoush Soroush: Dynamics of Agricultural Investment in al-Ahwaz in the Early Islamic Period
9: David Bramoulle: A Tale of Two Services: Fatimid Public Services to Control the Maritime Trade
B. Economic Initiatives from Religious Communities
10: Ed Hayes: The Imams as Economic Actors
11: Dan Reynolds: Silent Partners: Christians in the Economy of Early Islamic Palestine
Part III: Local and Regional Trading Identities from the Maghreb to the Indian Ocean
12: Fanny Bessard: Introduction
13: Cyrille Aillet: The Ibadi Trading Communities of the Maghreb
14: Kristoffer Damgaard: Muslim Expansionism and the Formation of an Arabian Mercantile Complex in the Red Sea
15: Stephanes Pradines: Trade in the Comoros Islands
16: Jean-Charles Ducene: The Middle East as Seen by the Arab Geographers (Ninth to Tenth centuries): A Multipolar Urban Network
17: Karel Novacek: North-Eastern Mesopotamia as an Economic Area from an Archaeological Perspective
18: Marek Jankowiak: Infrastructure and Organisation of the Early Islamic Slave Trade with Northern Europe
19: Alison Vacca: Trade in Abbasid Armenia
20: Jean-Charles Ducene: The Islamic Trade Network in the Indian Ocean (Ninth to Eleventh Centuries): Locations and Practices
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