Life Cycle of Language

Life Cycle of Language

Past, Present, and Future

Kavitskaya, Darya; Yu, Alan C. L.

Oxford University Press






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Part I. Reconstructing the past
1: Larry M. Hyman: The fall and rise of vowel length in Bantu
2: Darya Kavitskaya and Adam McCollum: The rise and fall of rounding harmony in Turkic
3: Alice Gaby: The life cycle of the Kuuk Thaayorre desiderative
4: Mary Paster: Akan morphological 'reversal' in historical context
5: Matthew L. Juge: Increasing morphological mismatch via category loss: The Spanish future subjunctive
6: David Goldstein: Toward a non-teleological account of demonstrative reinforcement
7: Lyle Campbell: Typology and history of unusual traits in Nivacle
8: Jay H. Jasanoff: Greek )e*g*w*k*a and the perfect of PIE *ogneh3 'know'
9: H. Craig Melchert: The surface position of Hittite subordinating kuit
10: Juliette Blevins: PIE *meh2- 'grow, be fruitful' and Proto-Basque *ma, *maha 'fruit': An apple by any other name...
Part II. Philological and documentary past and present
11: Donca Steriade: Paradigm structure in Sanskrit reduplicants
12: Sarah Thomason: Sound symbolic words in Seli%s;-Ql'ispe
13: Gabriela Caballero: Tone and morphological structure in a documentation-based grammar of Choguita Raramuri
14: Hannah J. Haynie and Maziar Toosarvandani: The structure of dialect diversity in Mono: Evidence from the Sydney M. Lamb papers
15: Clare S. Sandy: Recovering prosody from Karuk texts: Deciphering J. P. Harrington's diacritics
16: Justin Spence: Stylistic differentiation in California Dene texts
17: Lucy Thomason: Winter story themes in Meskwaki: Familiar creatures seen with new eyes
18: Lisa Conathan: The material and the textual in documentation of Native American languages
19: Christine Beier and Lev Michael: Community-participatory orthography development in the Maijuna communities of Peruvian Amazonia
20: Marianne Mithun: The value of family relations for revitalization
Part III. Looking forward: New approaches
21: Molly Babel and Melinda Fricke: Sound structure and the psycholinguistics of language contact
22: Alan C. L. Yu, Carol K. S. To, and Yao Yao: Child-directed speech as a potential source of phonetic precursor enhancement in sound change: Evidence from Cantonese
23: Chundra Cathcart: Paradigmatic heterogeneity and homogenization: Probing Paul's principle
24: Jeff Good: Language change in small-scale multilingual societies: Trees, waves, and magnets?
25: Claire Bowern: Gradualness and abruptness in linguistic split: A Nyulnyulan case study
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