History of Scottish Theology, Volume II

History of Scottish Theology, Volume II

From the Early Enlightenment to the Late Victorian Era


Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors 1: Donald Macleod: The Significance of the Westminster Confession 2: Paul Helm: Between Orthodoxy and Enlightenment: Blackwell, Halyburton, and Riccaltoun 3: Jonathan Yaeger: Jonathan Edwards and his Scottish Contemporaries 4: Christian Maurer: Early Enlightenment Shifts: Simson, Campbell, and Leechman 5: Thomas Ahnert: Philosophy and Theology in the Mid-Eighteenth Century 6: Stewart J. Brown: Moderate Theology and Preaching, c.1750-1800 7: John McIntosh: Eighteenth-Century Evangelicalism 8: Anne MacLeod Hill: Reformed Theology in Gaelic Women's Poetry and Song 9: James Foster: Literate Piety: John Witherspoon and James McCosh 10: David Bebbington: Dissenting Theology from the 1720s to the 1840s 11: Tom McInally: The Influence of the Scots Colleges in Paris, Rome and Spain 12: Raymond McCluskey: Catholic Thought in the Late-Eighteenth Century: George Hay and John Geddes 13: Mark Elliott: Natural and Revealed Theology in Hill and Chalmers 14: Iain Whyte: Theology, Slavery, and Abolition 1756-1848 15: Ian Campbell: Scottish Literature in a Time of Change 16: Alison M. Jack: The Calvinist Paradox in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature 17: Andrew Purves: New Trends: Erskine of Linlathen, Irving, and McLeod Campbell 18: Michael Brautigam: Free Church Theology 1843-1900: Disruption Fathers and Believing Critics 19: Rowan Strong: Episcopalian Theology 1689-c.1900 20: Andrew R. Holmes: Scottish Theology in Nineteenth-Century Ireland 21: David Fergusson: Hume amongst the Theologians 22: Frances M. Henderson: The Borthwick Sisters: Experiential Theology and Hymnody in the Nineteenth-Century Free Church 23: Bryan Spinks: The Liturgical Revolution: Prayers, Hymns, and Stained Glass 24: William Johnstone: Biblical Criticism in the Nineteenth-Century: Alexander Geddes to William Robertson Smith 25: Will Storrar: As Open as Possible: Presbyterian Modernity in Scotland's Long Nineteenth Century 26: Eric G. McKimmon: The Secession and United Presbyterian Churches 27: Colin Kidd: Extra-Terrestrials and the Heavens in Nineteenth-Century Theology 28: David Fergusson: The Reception of Darwin 29: Finlay Macdonald: Liberal, Broad Church, and Reforming Influences in the Late-Nineteenth Century
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