History of Scottish Theology, Volume III

History of Scottish Theology, Volume III

The Long Twentieth Century


Oxford University Press






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1: Domhnall Uillean Stiubhard: Carmina Gadelica 2: Bruce McCormack: Scottish Kenotic Theology 3: Jason Goroncy: Theologies of the Cross: Denney and Forsyth 4: Brian Stanley: The Theology of the Scottish Protestant Missionary Movement 5: Marlene Finlayson: Theology and Ecumenism after Edinburgh 1910 6: Adam Hood: From Idealism to Personalism: Caird, Oman and Macmurray 7: Gordon Graham: The Gifford Lectures 8: Johnston Mackay: A Century of Social Theology 9: George Newlands: John Baillie and Donald Baillie 10: David Brown: Theology and Art in Scotland 11: Paul Nimmo: The influence of Barth in Scotland 12: David Fergusson: Modern Christology: Mackintosh, Baillie and Macquarrie 13: John Riches: The dissemination of Scottish theology: T. & T. Clark 14: Cairns Craig: The Scottish Theological Diaspora: Canada 15: Peter Matheson: The Scottish Theological Diaspora: Australasia 16: George Pattison: Ronald Gregor Smith 17: Paul Molnar: Thomas F. Torrance 18: Alexander Forsyth: Theology and Practice of Mission in Mid-Twentieth Century Scotland 19: Ian Bradley: The Revival of Celtic Christianity 20: Linden Bicket: Catholic and Protestant Sensibilities in Scottish Literature: Stevenson to Spark 21: Doug Gay: Theological Constructions of Scottish National Identity 22: William McFadden: Catholic Theology since Vatican II 23: Lesley Orr: Late Twentieth-Century Controversies in Sexual Ethics, Gender and Ordination 24: Alison Peden: Episcopalian Theology in the Twentieth Century 25: Gary Badcock: Reformed Theology in the Later Twentieth Century
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