Eternal Decline and Fall of Rome

Eternal Decline and Fall of Rome

The History of a Dangerous Idea

Watts, Edward

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1 A Snapshot and a Story
Chapter 2 The Decline and Fall of the Roman Republic, c. 200 BC-14 AD
Chapter 3 Manufacturing the Golden Age of Trajan, 14 -117 AD
Chapter 4 Renewal without Decline: The Antonines and Severans, 117-235 AD
Chapter 5 Decline and False Renewal: The Third Century Crisis, 235-284 AD
Chapter 6 Decline, Renewal, and the Invention of Christian Progress, 284-337 AD
Chapter 7 Roman Renewal versus Christian Progress, 337-363 AD
Chapter 8 When Renewal Fails to Arrive, 363-384 AD
Chapter 9 The Loss of the Roman West and the Christian Future, 384-c. 470 AD
Chapter 10 Justinian, Roman Progress, and the Death of the Western Roman Empire, c. 470-565 AD
Chapter 11 Rome, the Arabs, and Iconoclasm, 565-c. 750 AD
Chapter 12 Old Rome, New Rome, and Future Rome, c. 750-814 AD
Chapter 13 The Retrenchment of One Roman Empire, the Resurgence of Another, 814-1085 AD
Chapter 14 The Captures of Constantinople, 1085-1282 AD
Chapter 15 The Fall of Roman Constantinople and the End of Roman Renewal, 1282-1461 AD
Chapter 16 Roman Renewal After the Fall, c.1450-c. 1560 AD
Chapter 17 The Dangerous Idea