Aztec Latin

Aztec Latin

Renaissance Learning and Nahuatl Traditions in Early Colonial Mexico

Laird, Andrew

Oxford University Press Inc






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1. Faith, politics and the pursuit of humanity: The first scholars in New Spain
2. Persuasion for a pagan audience: Rhetoric, memory and action in missionary writing
3. Between Babel and Utopia: Renaissance grammar and Amerindian languages
4. Education of the indigenous nobility: The Imperial College of Santa Cruz at Santiago Tlatelolco
5. From the Evangelia et Epistolae to the Huehuetlahtolli: Indian Latinists and the creation of Nahuatl literature
6. Humanism and ethnohistory: Petitions in Latin from Tlacopan and Azcapotzalco
7. A mirror for Mexican princes: The Nahuatl translation of Aesop's Fables
8. Aztec gods and orators: Classical learning and indigenous agency in the Florentine Codex
9. Universal histories for posterity: Native chroniclers and their European sources
10. Conclusions and Envoi

Appendix 1: Catalogues and Conspectuses
Appendix 2: Texts and Translations
Appendix 3: Excursus: Antonio Valeriano and the Virgin of Guadalupe
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