Emergent African Union Law

Emergent African Union Law

Conceptualization, Delimitation, and Application

Olivier, Michele; Magliveras, Konstantinos D.; Amao, Olufemi

Oxford University Press






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Femi Amao: Introduction
Part 1. Scoping African Union Law
1: Michele Olivier: Conceptualising AU Law within the Constitutional Framework of the AU
2: Konstantinos D Magliveras: The Implications of AU Law: Conceptual Analysis with Emphasis on the Institutional Consequences
3: Femi Amao: Framing African Union Law through the Lenses of International Constitutionalization and Federalism
Part 2. Harmonization and Integration as Drivers of AU Law
4: Kamala Dawar and George Lipimile: Harmonization and Integration in Africa: The Case of Competition Law and Policy
5: Pablo Iglesias-Rodriguez: The AU and Global Financial Standard-Setting
6: Iyare Otabor-Olubor: The Evolution of the AU Private Business Structure
7: Onyeka K Osuji and Oluwafikunayo D Taiwo: Contextual Centrality of Institutional Arbitration Framework for AU Legal Order
Part 3. Addressing Civil and Political Challenges through African Union Law: Perspectives
8: Adaeze Okoye: Is the AU Best Placed to Advance Cross-Cutting Gender Rights' Harmonization of Customary Laws?
9: Emmanuel Kolawole Oke: The Statute of the Pan-African Intellectual Property Organisation: A Human Rights Perspective
10: Eki Yemisi Omorogbe: The AU and Disputed Presidential Elections
11: Chidebe Matthew Nwankwo: Human Rights, Statelessness, and the Right to Nationality (R2N) in Africa: What Can Vertical Structures Achieve?
12: Cristiano d'Orsi: Combating Terrorism and Managing Asylum Seekers and Refugees under AU Law
13: Ben Chigara: The Quasi-Supranational AU and the International Criminal Court
Part 4. Addressing Socio-Economic Challenges through African Union Law: Perspectives
14: Chisa Onyejekwe: Development of AU Law: Tax Harmonization and Regional Integration towards Achieving Sustainable Social Structures in Africa
15: Robert Home: Land, Property, and Human Rights in AU Law and Policy
16: Rui Garrido and Aua Balde: The Right to Education in AU Law
17: Gino Naldi: The Contribution of AU Human Rights Agreements to an Emergent AU Law
18: Eghosa Ekhator: Sustainable Development and the AU Legal Order
Part 5: Enforcing African Union Law: Perspectives
19: Konstantinos D Magliveras: The Several Sanctioning Regimes in the AU: Analysis and Synthesis
20: Michele Olivier: Enforcement Mechanisms in AU Human Rights Treaties: Lessons for the Wider AU Law
21: Ovo Imoedemhe: The AU and Issues of Institutional Capacity and Enforcement
22: Regis Yann Simo: The (Domestic) Enforcement of AU International Economic Law Instruments: Exploring the Desirability of Direct Effect
23: Rhuks Ako: Propagation and Enforcement of AU Law: Perspectives from the Peace and Security Arena
24: Femi Amao and Michele Olivier: Conclusion: AU Law and its Future: Reform and the Kagame Report
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