International Court Authority

International Court Authority

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I: The Varied Authority of International Courts 1: Karen J. Alter, Laurence R. Helfer and Mikael Rask Madsen: International Court Authority in a Complex World 2: Karen J. Alter, Laurence R. Helfer and Mikael Rask Madsen: How Context Shapes the Authority of International Courts II: International Courts in their Social and Political Context Africa 3: James Thuo Gathii: The East African Court of Justice: Human Rights and Business Actors Compared 4: Solomon Ebobrah: The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice: A Dual Mandate with Skewed Authority 5: Claire Moore Dickerson: The OHADA Common Court of Justice and Arbitration: Its authority in the Formal and Informal Economy 6: Tendayi Achiume: The SADC Tribunal: Socio-Political Dissonance and the Authority of International Courts Latin America and the Caribbean 7: Salvatore Caserta, Mikael Rask Madsen: The Caribbean Court of Justice: A Regional Integration and Post-Colonial Court 8: Karen J. Alter, Laurence R. Helfer: The Andean Tribunal of Justice: From Washington Consensus to Regional Crisis 9: Alexandra Huneeus: The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Constitutionalism and Constitutional Lawyers across Countries Europe 10: R. Daniel Kelemen: The Court of Justice of the European Community: Changing Authority in the Twenty-First Century 11: Mikael Rask Madsen: The European Court of Human Rights: From the Cold War to the Brighton Declaration and Backlash Courts with a Global Reach 12: Emilia Justyna Powell: The International Court of Justice and Islamic Law States: Territory and Diplomacy 13: Gregory Shaffer, Manfred Elsig, Sergio Puig: The World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Body: Its Extensive but Fragile Authority 14: Leslie Vinjamuri: The International Criminal Court: The Paradox of Its Authority 15: Ron Levi, John Hagan, Sara Dezalay: International Criminal Tribunals: Prosecutorial Strategies in Atypical Political Environments III: Reflections on International Court Authority 16: Karen J. Alter, Laurence R. Helfer and Mikael Rask Madsen: International Court Authority in Question: Introduction to Part III 17: Andrei Marmor: Authority of International Courts: Scope, Power and Legitimacy 18: Michael Zurn: International Courts: Command v. Reflexive Authority 19: Ingo Venzke: International Court's De Facto Authority and its Justification 20: Jessica Greenberg: Jurisdiction, politics and truth-making: International Courts and the formation of translocal legal cultures 21: Andreas Follesdal: The Lords and Lady doth Protest too Much, Methinks: On Authority, Legitimacy and Power, on Motives and Beliefs 22: Ian Hurd: Authority and International Courts: A Comment on 'Content Independent' Social Science IV: Growing and Diminishing IC Authority 23: Karen J. Alter, Laurence R. Helfer and Mikael Rask Madsen: Conclusion: Context, Authority, Power