Concertation Impulse in World Politics

Concertation Impulse in World Politics

Contestation over Fundamental Institutions and the Constrictions of Institutionalist International Relations

Cooper, Andrew F.

Oxford University Press






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1: Unravelling the centrality of the contest over international institutions
2: Concertation as a foundational/fundamental institution
3: Crises as potential animators of institutional transformation
4: Raising the stakes of the institutional contest over the normative dimension
5: Hierarchical privileges of institutional convenience
6: Between aspirations and anxiety: The ambivalent hold of formal institutions by non-incumbents from the Global South
7: Inserting designers into institutional design: Institutional entrepreneurship and the evolution of state-based plurilateralism
8: Recalibrated but still contested: The G20 as a twenty-first century institutional concert format
9: The challenge of personalist-populist institutional disruption at the core of the system
10: Aspirations of a BRICS solidarity concert/hanging together as a pluralist club
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