Phonological Word and Grammatical Word

Phonological Word and Grammatical Word

A Cross-Linguistic Typology

Dixon, R. M. W.; Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.; White, Nathan M.

Oxford University Press






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1: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, R. M. W. Dixon, and Nathan M. White: The essence of 'word'
2: R. M. W. Dixon: Words within words: Examples from Yidin, Jarawara, and Fijian
3: Nerida Jarkey: Words in Japanese
4: Luca Ciucci: Wordhood in Chamacoco
5: Katarzyna I. Wojtylak: The phonological and grammatical status of Murui 'word'
6: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald: Word in Yalaku
7: N. J. Enfield: Word in Lao
8: Nathan M. White: Word in Hmong
9: Sean Allison: The notion of 'word' in Makary Kotoko
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