On Hospitals

On Hospitals

Welfare, Law, and Christianity in Western Europe, 400-1320

Watson, Sethina

Oxford University Press






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Canon Law and the 'Revolution in Charity' (c.1150-c.1250)
1: Introduction: The Sheep and the Goats
2: Reading around the edges: Welfare houses and the general councils, 1139-1215
A Western Model (c.400-c.900)
3: The Question of Francia (c.400-817)
4: Carolingian Lombardy (c.780-c.860)
5: Roman Law and the Western Tradition
6: Claims and Innovations
Stalking the Borderlands (1100 -1320)
7: Canonists and Commentators, at the edges of canon law (1100-1260)
8: Robert de Courson and the Council of Reims (1213)
9: The Council of Vienne and Late Medieval Hospitals (1312)
Appendix A: Ad Petitionem: A lost decretal of Alexander III
Appendix B: Robert de Courson's Hospital Decree (1213)
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