Making of the Scottish Dream Vision

Making of the Scottish Dream Vision

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Introduction Understanding Dream and Vision in the Middle Ages Approaching Scotland as Case Study Chapter 1: Prior Engagements: Scotland's Early Reception of Dream and Vision Historical Writing and Identities in Latin and Scots Devotional Texts and Contexts French Texts and Contexts English Texts and Contexts Chapter 2: The Kingis Quair and its Manuscript Context The Kingis Quair: a new Scottish dream-vision The Kingis Quair's Reception and Authorship The Manuscript Context and Revisionary Readings of Chaucer's 'Dream Poetry' Troilus and Criseyde in Scotland Chapter 3: Bower's Scotichronicon and the Prose-Latin Dream-Vision Mystical Visions: Katherine of Alexandria and Bridget of Sweden Visions of Royal Scottish Sanctity: Margaret Canmore (1045-93) and Waltheof, abbot of Melrose (d.1159) Visions as Reflection and Refraction of the Speculum Principis Advice to All: Clerical Visions of Appetite and Greed From Latin Prose to Older Scots Verse: The Reception of Bower's Dream-Vision Appendix: Table of Dream and Visionary Narratives in the Scotichronicon Chapter 4: Prophetic and Nationalist Dream-Visions Thomas of Erceldoune and Envisioning the Scottish 'History of the Future' Wallace's Nightmare Wallace's Dream-Vision of Scotland 'Worthy Even of Enemy Praise': Wallace's Heavenly Ascent and its Afterlives Chapter 5: Rethinking Scotland's Amatory Dream-Vision Lancelot of the Laik: Dream-Vision Prologues and Arthurian Advice From Courtly Love to Courtly Injustice: Henryson's Testament of Cresseid From love at first sight to loss at last sight: Henryson's Testament and Orpheus Anti- or Extra-Amatory? The Dream-Visions of Douglas and Dunbar Epilogue: 'Mak vpwark and clois our buke' Bibliography
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