Language Invention in Linguistics Pedagogy

Language Invention in Linguistics Pedagogy

Sanders, Nathan; Fountain, Amy V.; Punske, Jeffrey

Oxford University Press






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1: Jeffrey Punske, Nathan Sanders, and Amy V. Fountain: Introduction
2: Nathan Sanders: A primer on constructed languages
3: Arika Okrent: Budding linguists and how to find them
4: Jessica Coon: The linguistics of Arrival: Heptapods, field linguistics, and Universal Grammar
5: David Adger and Coppe van Urk: Three conlang projects at three educational levels
6: Grant Goodall: The design(ing) of language
7: Matt Pearson: Using language invention to teach typology and cross-linguistic universals
8: Angela C. Carpenter: Teaching invented languages to the undergraduate major: A capstone course
9: James A. Berry: Teaching invented languages as an introductory course: Unfamiliar territory
10: Carrie Gillon, Edward Delmonico, Randi Martinez, and Spencer Morrell: Bringing language construction from the classroom to the community
11: Nathan Sanders and Christine Schreyer: The interdisciplinarity of conlangs: Moving beyond linguistics
12: Brenna Reinhart Byrd and Andrew Miles Byrd: Teaching Proto-Indo-European as a constructed language
13: Skye J. Anderson, Shannon T. Bischoff, Jeffrey Punske, and Amy V. Fountain: Learning about language through language invention: "I was really proud of the language I created"
14: Sheri Wells-Jenson and Kimberly Spallinger: Extraterrestrial message construction: Guidelines for the use of xenolinguistics in the classroom
15: David J. Peterson: Artistry in language invention: Conlang pedagogy and the instructor as authority
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