International Relations of the Middle East

International Relations of the Middle East

Fawcett, Louise

Oxford University Press






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Louise Fawcett: Introduction: The Middle East and International Relations
Part One: Theoretical and Historical Overview
1: Fred H. Lawson: International Relations Theory and the Middle East
2: Eugene L. Rogan: The Emergence of the Middle East into the Modern State System
3: Louise Fawcett : The Cold War in the Middle East
4: Bahgat Korany: The Middle East since the Cold War
Part Two: Themes in International Relations and International Political Economy
5: Giacomo Luciani: Oil and Political Economy in the International Relations of the Middle East
6: Raymond Hinnebusch: The Politics of Identity in Middle East International Relations
7: Peter Mandaville: Islam and International Relations in the Middle East
8: Louise Fawcett: Alliances and Regionalism in the Middle East
9: P)inar Bilgin: Security in the Middle East: Whose security?
Part Three: Key Issues and Actors
10: Raymond Hinnebusch and Anoushiravan Ehteshami: Foreign Policymaking in the Middle East: Complex Realism
11: Charles Smith: The Arab-Israeli Conflict
12: Matteo Legrenzi: The International Politics of the Gulf
13: Larbi Sadiki: The Arab Spring: The 'People' in International Relations
14: Michael C. Hudson and Andrew Payne: The United States in the Middle East
15: Roland Dannreuther: Russia, China, and the Middle East
16: Raffaella A. Del Sarto: Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East
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