Handbook of Mental Health Assessment and Treatment in Jails

Handbook of Mental Health Assessment and Treatment in Jails

Batastini, Ashley; Barber-Rioja, Virginia; Subedi, Bipin; Garcia-Mansilla, Alexandra

Oxford University Press Inc






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Virginia Barber-Rioja and George Anderson

Chapter 1: Identification of Mental Illness in Jails: Screening and Assessment
Virginia Barber-Rioja, Alexandra Garcia-Mansilla, and Elizabeth Rodriguez
Chapter 2: Mental Health Treatment in Jails
Virginia Barber-Rioja, Loren Roth, Bipin Subedi, and Marilyn Chen
Chapter 3: Managing Suicide Risk and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Jails
Sean M. Mitchell, Virginia Fineran, Julianne Cary, Sarah Sparks, and Nikki L. La Rosa
Chapter 4: Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Individuals With Severe Violence or Behavioral Issues
Michele Galietta and Alexandra Garcia-Mansilla
Chapter 5: Assessment and Treatment of Trauma in Jails
Gina M. Manguno-Mire and Mollimichelle K. Cabeldue
Chapter 6: Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Jails
Sarah M. Manchak, C. Clare Strange, Alison Farringer, and Madeline Lancaster
Chapter 7: Psychopharmacology in the Jail Setting
Danielle B. Kushner, Lauren M. Stossel, and M. A. "Omar" Khan
Chapter 8: Interventions for Competency Restoration and Treatment in Jails
Amanda L. Gugliano, Stephanie M. Howard, and Amanda L. Berthold

Chapter 9: Special Considerations in the Assessment and Treatment of Women in Jails
Jessica K. Pearson and Lauren E. Kois
Chapter 10: Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents and Emerging Adults in Jails
Zoe R. Feingold, Keith R. Cruise, and Angela Glover
Chapter 11: Screening and Assessment of Intellectual Disability and Neurocognitive Disorders in Jails
Alexandra Garcia-Mansilla and Charity Wijetunga
Chapter 12: Multicultural Considerations: Race, Sexual and Gender Identity, and Structural Inequalities in the Assessment and Treatment of Individuals in Jails
Nadia Oryema, Bipin Subedi, and Virginia Barber-Rioja

Chapter 13: Jail Re-entry and Diversion
Melodie Foellmi and Merrill Rotter
Chapter 14: Legal and Ethical Issues in Mental Health Assessment and Treatment in Jails
David DeMatteo, Sarah Fishel, Kellie Wiltsie, and Aislinn Tansey
Chapter 15: Mental Health Treatment for Individuals in Restrictive Housing
Ashley B. Batastini, Robert D. Morgan, Rheanna L. Standridge, and Kymmalett Ross
Chapter 16: Recruitment, Retention, Support, and Supervision of Jail Mental Health Providers in the Context of Occupational Syndromes and Work-Related Trauma
Bipin Subedi, Virginia Barber-Rioja, and Elizabeth Ford
Chapter 17: Research and Advocacy in Jails
Ashley B. Batastini, Joel Dvoskin, Jade Horton, and Kaylee Cook
Chapter 18: Mental Health Challenges and Considerations With Individuals in Rural Jails
Michael J. Vitacco, Ashley B. Batastini, Ashley Jones, and Catherine Clary

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