Prison Medicine and Health

Prison Medicine and Health

O'Moore, Dr Eamonn; Hard, Dr Jake; Plugge, Dr Emma; Phipps, Emily

Oxford University Press






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1: Jake Hard, Eamonn O'Moore, Jane Leamann, and Joerg Pont: Introduction to prison medicine
2: Stefan Enggist, Sunita Sturup-Toft, and Sir Robert Francis QC: Key laws and policies related to health in prison
3: Denise Farmer, Laura Hinchliffe, Anna Hiley, and Pippa Morris: Prescribing in prisons
4: Dave Jones, Emily Phipps, Emma Plugge, Ruth Lloyd, Ellie Carslake, Susanne Howes, Sandra White, Kate Jones, and Laura Hinchliffe: Promoting health and wellbeing in prisons
5: Jake Hard, Caroline Watson, Wayne Sturley, and Chantal Edge: Conducting consultations
6: Tierney Harris, Lauren Grant, Jan Rix, Ruth Bastable, Catherine Glover, Craig Lintern, Hussein Oozerally, Caroline Watson, Ellie Henderson, Lisa Duff, Sarah Jarvis, and Alex Bunn: Chronic disease management
7: Nic Coetzee, Eamonn O'Moore, Yimmy Chow, Iain Brew, Sophie Candfield, Rob Callingham, Anjana Roy, and Susanne Howes: Infectious diseases
8: Seena Fazel, Howard Ryland, Lynne Saunders, Don Grubin, Marcus Bicknell, Jane Leamann, and Alex Bunn: Mental health
9: Elish Gilvarry and Mike Kelleher: Substance misuse
10: Emma Plugge, Ruth Lloyd, Ellie Carslake, Catherine Glover, and Lucy Potter: Women's health in prison
11: Nick Hindley, Alexandra Lewis, and Sheila Jenkins: Child and adolescent health in secure environments
12: Alan Mitchell, Emily Phipps, Seena Fazel, Cornelius Katona, Jane Hunt, and Erin Dexter: Foreign nationals in detention
13: Mary Tuner, Caroline Watson, Chris Pocock, Abi Barlet, Emma Mastracoola, and Saeed Chaudhary: Ageing in prison
14: Richard Byng: Creating person-centred, co-ordinated, and continuous care
15: Stacey Hilton, Gareth Alderson, Lindsey Cockerill, Anna Hinley, and Husein Oozeerally: Prison health emergencies
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