Gems of Exquisite Beauty

Gems of Exquisite Beauty

How Hymnody Carried Classical Music to America

Mercer-Taylor, Peter

Oxford University Press Inc







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Introduction Chapter 1: Antebellum Psalmody in its Cultural Context Chapter 2: An Immigrant's Musical Memoir: Clifton's 1819 Original Collection and the Modest Launch of a Tradition Chapter 3: Institutional Certification: Mason's 1822 Handel and Haydn Society Collection and the First Wave Chapter 4: Heyday: Kingsley's 1838 Sacred Choir and the Midcentury Mania Chapter 5: Psalmodic Adaptation as Musical Translation Epilogue Appendix 1: Classical Music in Antebellum American Psalmody: The Repertoire Appendix 2: The Repertoire by Composer Notes Works Cited Index
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