Expressive Meaning Across Linguistic Levels and Frameworks

Expressive Meaning Across Linguistic Levels and Frameworks

Villalba, Xavier; Trotzke, Andreas

Oxford University Press






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1: Andreas Trotzke and Xavier Villalba: Expressive meaning across linguistic levels and frameworks
2: Norbert Corver: On classifiers and affect in the nominal domain: Organizing 'disorganization'
3: Roland Hinterhoelzl and Nicola Munaro: On the illocutionary force of exclamatives and non-canonical questions in German and Italian
4: Matteo Greco: Function words and polarity: The case of negation
5: Silvio Cruschina and Valentina Bianchi: Mirative implicatures at the syntax-semantics interface: A surprising association and an unexpected move
6: Andreas Trotzke and Xavier Villalba: Expressive insubordination: A cross-linguistic study on that-exclamatives
7: Patrizia Noel Aziz Hanna: Connectors as emotive signs: Expressivity in the right sentence periphery
8: Agnes Celle, Anne Jugnet, and Laure Lansari: Expressive questions in English and French: What the hell versus Mais qu'est-ce que
9: Victoria Escandell-Vidal and Manuel Leonetti: The Spanish 'mirative future'
10: Jessica Rett: A comparison of expressives and miratives
11: Osamu Sawada and Jun Sawada: Cross-linguistic variations in the interpretation of tense in mirative sentences: A view from Japanese mirative expressions nante/towai
12: Lisa Brunetti, Hiyon Yoo, Lucia Tovena, and Rachel Albar: French reason-comment ('how') questions: A view from prosody
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