Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces

Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces

Clemens, Lauren; Massam, Diane

Oxford University Press






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The contributors
1: Lauren Clemens and Diane Massam: Polynesian languages and their contributions to theoretical linguistics
2: Vera Hohaus: Gradability and modality: A case study from Samoan
3: James N. Collins: Mapping meaning to argument structure: The case of Samoan case
4: Maria Polinsky and Eric Potsdam: Deriving VOS from VSO in Tongan
5: Lauren Clemens and Rebecca Tollan: Syntactic ergativity as absolutive movement in Tongic Polynesian
6: Jens Hopperdietzel: Causative morphology as Voice-driven allomorphy: The case of Samoan fa'a causatives
7: Sandra Chung: Reaffirming M=aori negatives as verbs
8: David J. Medeiros: Hawaiian ai at the syntax-phonology interface
9: Yuko Otsuka: Apparent raising in Tongan and its implications for multiple case valuation
10: Elizabeth Pearce: Preverbal subjects and preverbal particles: Components of the left periphery in M=aori
11: Julianne Doner: Predicate-EPP in Niuean, Tongan, and beyond
12: Diane Massam: The lingering DP in Niuean
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