Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Hearts

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Hearts

Akkerman, Nadine

Oxford University Press






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Introduction: A Winter Queen?
Part I: 1596-1612
1: A Family Reunion
2: Periwigs and Powder Plots
3: Protestant Unions
4: The Marriage of Thames and Rhine
Part II: 1613-1620
5: Heidelberg - The Eye of the Storm
6: In the Service of the Electress
7: Queen of Bohemia
8: Troubles in Prague Escalate
Part III: 1621-1632
9: A Republican Queen
10: Military Manoeuvres
11: Unseverable Ties with Austria and Spain
12: 'I can send you nothing but deaths'
13: An 'Evil State'
14: Losing Champions
Part IV: 1632-1642
15: A Widow's Weeds
16: Unlikely Bedfellows
17: The Archbishop Strikes Back
Part V: 1642-1662
18: Obeisance to His Majesty and Love to the Parliament
19: Undesirable Matches, Unfortunate Endings
20: Three Widows
Epilogue: Turn Out the Lights
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