Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

Tait, Kathleen; Dole, Shelley; Hyde, Mervyn

Oxford University Press Australia






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PART 1: Setting the Scene1. Understanding Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement2. Australian Schools, Policy and Legislation in PerspectivePART 2: Embracing Diversity3. Linguistic and Cultural Diversity4. Indigenous Perspectives and Cultural Identity5. Gender, Inclusivity and EngagementPART 3: Supporting Diverse Learning Needs in the Classroom6. Understanding How to Support Students with Literacy Difficulties7. Assisting Children with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics8. Challenging Behaviour in the Inclusive Classroom9. Supporting Students with Complex Communication Needs10. Supporting Students with Intellectual Disabilities11. Understanding Vision Impairment12. Understanding Hearing Loss13. Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder14. Supporting Diverse Gifted Students15. Understanding Physical Impairment in Young Children16. Supporting Mental Health and Well-being: Promotion, Prevention and InterventionPART 4: Creating Diverse and Inclusive Schools17. Participation in What, and with Which Outcomes? Pedagogic Rights and the Purposes of Education18. Accommodating Transitions across the Years19. Creating Inclusive Schools
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