Christian Wolff's German Ethics

Christian Wolff's German Ethics

New Essays

Schierbaum, Sonja; Walschots, Michael; Walsh, John

Oxford University Press






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IntroductionSonja Schierbaum, Michael Walschots, and John Walsh:
Part I. The German Ethics in Its Historical Context
1: Clemens Schwaiger: The Systematic Structure of Wolff's German Ethics in Context
2: Frank Grunert: Natural Law as a Theory of Practical Philosophy: The Relationship Between Natural Law and Ethics in Christian Wolff's Practical Philosophy
3: Ursula Goldenbaum: Wolff's Powerful Concept of Perfection and its Roots
4: Stefanie Buchenau: Wolff's Modern Stoicism: Ethics, Politics, and Cosmopolitanism
Part II. Metaphysical and Conceptual Foundations
5: John Walsh: Wolff on Obligation
6: Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero: Objective Morality: Wolff and the Impious Hypothesis
7: Emanuel Lanzini: Is Christian Wolff's Practical Philosophy Eudaimonistic?
8: Timothy Rosenkoetter: Perfection and the Foundations of Wolff's German Ethics
Part III. Duty and Agency
9: Paul Guyer: Perfectionism and Duties to Self in Wolff and Kant
10: Michael Walschots: Wolff on the Duty to Cognize Good and Evil
11: Stefano Bacin: Wolff, the Pursuit of Perfection, and What We Owe to Each Other: The Case of Veracity and Lying
12: Sonja Schierbaum: Can the Will Go Wrong on Its Own? Wolff's Conception of a Deficit of the Will
Part IV. Method and Reception
13: Courtney Fugate: Wolff's Ethical Experimentalism and its Roots in his German Ethics
14: Corey W. Dyck: Human Nature and Human Minds: Wolff's Moral Anthropology
15: Paola Rumore: Secunda et adversa fortuna: Wolff and Meier on the Moral Relevance of Good Fortune and Misfortune
16: Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet: Wolff and Crusius on the Duty to Love
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