Growing Moral

Growing Moral

A Confucian Guide to Life

Oxford University Press Inc






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One: What is Confucianism? 1. Introduction 2. The History of Confucianism Two: How to Be a Confucian 3. Be Filial 4. Follow Rituals 5. Cultivate Your Sprouts 6. Read in the Right Way 7. Listen to the Right Music 8. Reflect Regularly 9. Pay Attention 10. Be Engaged Three: Making Progress 11. Commitment 12. Fake It Till You Make It 13. Expanding the Self 14. Dealing with Conflict 15. Enlightenment and Sagehood 16. Death Four: Challenges and the Future 17. Progressive Confucianism 18. Gender 19. Hierarchy 20. Confucians Around the Globe Further Reading Bibliography Notes Index
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