Hidden Legacy

Hidden Legacy

The Life and Work of Esther Zimmer Lederberg

Schindler, Thomas E.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: An Abiding Affection
Chapter 2: The Pathway to Bacterial Genetics
Chapter 3: Graduate School: Mentored by the Future Nobel Laureates, George Beadle and Edward Tatum
Chapter 4: The Anomaly of Bacterial Genetics
Chapter 5: Love in the Laboratory: A Marriage of Two Prodigies
Chapter 6: Strange Genetics: Bacterial Genes Move Sideways
Chapter 7: Clarifying the Unique Features of Bacterial Sex
Chapter 8: Replica Plating: Esther Repurposes Her Compact Makeup Sponge
Chapter 9: The Matilda Effect: Joshua Lederberg's Brilliance Obscured His Wife's Reputation
Chapter 10: What She Did for Love: Demoted from Research Collaborator to Nobel Wife
Chapter 11: Behind the Laboratory Doors: For Over One Hundred Years of Science, Women Participated in Obscurity
Chapter 12: Antibiotic Resistance, the Horrendous Consequences of Bacterial Sex
Chapter 13: The Lederbergs' Stanford Years, 1959-1976: Growing Apart, the Collaborative Couple Divorce
Chapter 14: The Central Importance of E. coli and ? Phage in the New Molecular Biology
Chapter 15: Making Music and a New Life
Epilogue: A New Tree of Life and a New Concept for the Gene

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