Worldwide Women Writers in Paris

Worldwide Women Writers in Paris

Francophone Metronomes

Oxford University Press






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Introduction. The Publishing Profile: Becoming an Author and Creating Literary Capital 1: Forging a Name: Signing Off on the Foreign Leitmotif 2: The Pull of Paris: Urban European Expositions 3: Lessons in French: From Translations to Multilingual Modulations 4: The Accent Complex: Reemphasizing Immigrant Experiences 5: Family Fugues: Movements toward Worldwide Written Work 6: The Francophone' Fermata: In Favor of New Strains of Interpretation 7: Gendered Glissandos: International Feminisms in a French Frame 8: Improvising Improperly: Acting Out Against Expected Narratives 9: The Terms of the Text: Variations on an Autobiographical Theme Conclusion. Da Capo Al Fine: Final Notes, Circling Back: Recognizing the Revolution
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