Women of Ideas

Women of Ideas

Interviews from Philosophy Bites

Finn, Suki

Oxford University Press






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Amia Srinivasan: What is a Woman?
Janet Radcliffe Richards: Men's and Women's Natures
Patricia Smith Churchland: What neuroscience can teach us about morality
Christine M. Korsgaard: The Status of Animals
Ashwini Vasanthakumar: Do victims have obligations too?
Miranda Fricker: Blame and Historic Injustice
Kimberley Brownlee: Social Deprivation
Sarah Fine: The Right to Exclude
Anne Phillips: Multiculturalism and Liberalism
Jennifer Saul: Implicit Bias
Martha C. Nussbaum: Disgust
Elisabeth Schellekens: Disagreement about Taste
Emma Borg: Language and Context
Rebecca Roache: Swearing
Teresa M. Bejan: Civility
Katherine Hawley: Trustworthiness
Onora O'Neill: Medical Consent
Katalin Farkas: Knowing a Person
Jennifer Nagel: Intuitions about Knowledge
Susan James: Michel Foucault and Knowledge
Kate Kirkpatrick: The Life and Work of Simone de Beauvoir
Katherine J. Morris: Merleau-Ponty on the Body
Alison Gopnik: Hume and Buddhism
Katrin Flikschuh: Philosophy in Africa
Angie Hobbs: Plato on War
Helen Beebee: Possible Worlds
Tamar Szabo Gendler: Why Philosophers use Examples
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: Progress in Philosophy
Mary Warnock: Philosophy and Public Life
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